Small party, effective representation

Canada's Fourth Front runs candidates who believe in empowering their constituents. As your representative, our candidates will fight for issues that are important to you. By building easy to use digital direct democracy tools, Fourth Front candidates will set the standard for what a modern democracy should look like

While our candidates stand by our party's platform, they believe that constituent consultation is essential for effective leadership during parliamentary sessions - not just at election time

James McNair

Pontiac (Quebec)

James McNair is a small business owner, who believes in building a more affordable, safe, and democratic Canada. A pragmatist with strong ethics, James has been the driving force behind the Fourth Front's adoption of Direct Democracy. Running in his home riding of Pontiac Quebec, James will set an example of transparency and effective leadership by focusing on the issues that matter to his constituents.

Phil Hewkin

Prince George-Peace River Northern Rockies (BC)

Phil is an experienced tradesman with a passion for Canada's great outdoors. Having worked in addiction recovery, Phil believes in accessible mental health resources. Phil Hewkin is running in this election because he believes in bringing a straight forward and honest approach to represent his constituents in the House of Commons. Phil Hewkin is a recent convert and believer of CFFs Direct Democracy system, which gives power back to constituents of the riding to debate and vote on needs of people.

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