Why Fourth Front? "We need to to shake up the status quo and the moribund Canadian politics. We are trying to open up Canada’s Fourth Front (CFF) as an alternative to three main parties.”


That one fine morning…….. the unpopular Liberal Premier of the biggest province Ontario gets up from bed and announces so called vote grabbing strategy of minimum wage increase from $10 to $15 over her tenure as premier, without thinking that her unplanned and reckless action would throw the whole economy into a tailspin. In fact Kathleen Wynne introduced planned inflation by making things expensive by 100-200 %. The small businesses that drive the economy have become unmanageable.
Another fine morning…….. the Liberal Prime Minister of Canada suddenly announces carbon tax without using his Liberal brain dominated by too many scheming lawyers in the party, not realizing his policy would further push up the prices of each product and service in Canada beyond the reach of Canadians. At the same time there is no sound answer given by the new Conservative leader Andrew Scheer except that he opposes carbon tax.
Then another fine morning……. the new Conservative Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, announces doubling up of all court fees in Ontario without thinking that it would make court process extremely costly for small people. It only happens in Canada that the increase applies retroactively to existing cases in small claims and other courts. Doug Ford is encouraging settlement of disputes by physical violence as poor people cannot afford such high fees to settle small issues. Which idiot advised him to do so??
It only happens in Canada,…
That a government built Highway 407 is charging commuters 63 cents per kilometer because of an inept government that sold the highway to a private company. That the municipalities can charge unilateral statement fees of $18-30 at free will. Why?? That the municipalities keep increasing development charges, water rates, electricity rates and service hookup fees without any limit, not understanding that the basic price of the smallest property comprises of at least $200,000 in sunk municipal costs. 15 years ago, one could buy a small property for $50,000. Who do the citizens complain to?? That the postage rates have gone up by 200-300% in last few years although the claimed inflation is only 1-2% That dealerships ask $300 for extra car key (up from $150). That the economists play dumb game spinning out unreal, manipulated data fooling Canadians. That new employees are offered $80-90K starting salaries, while the existing ones are struggling at 75-80K salaries after 20-25 years of service. That Canadian born students find it hard to get jobs, while foreign students grab the jobs at low salaries That a gas station attendant in Ontario makes more than a University of Toronto graduate. That the judges and Chief Justices of Supreme Court go and work for corporations after retirement. Does it even appear right? Are they so hard pressed or money? Does the corporate greed exist amongst the members of highest court of Canada? Is it not conflict of interest? There is no other country of the world where a Chief Justice of country’s Supreme Court would ever work for a corporate entity after retirement. This only happens in Canada…… . That a 5 year old is marked as a threat on Canada’s security list and the lazy, Liberal Minister of Safety, Ralph Goodale takes over a year to address the situation. That a 22” Briggs & Stratton snow blower sells for $450 at same Lowes location compared to exactly same 22” Craftsman snow blower manufactured by Briggs & Stratton selling for $750 That warranties are rarely honored by stores in Canada or time to repair will run in weeks depriving you of use of item. That durable goods like fridges, AC and stoves come with ONLY 12 months manufacturer’s warranty. That if a corporation mischievously spoils your credit, you have no immediate recourse at all.


We all know that things have become very expensive in Canada since announcing of minimum wage increase followed by Liberal fools’ carbon tax. Bread prices have gone up by 100-200 % in last 2 years. Vegetable prices have increased by 200-300%. Fruit has gone up by 200-300% (the 99 cents a pound apple is being sold for $2.99 a pound). Peeled garlic has gone up from 99cents to 2.49 a pack. The onion bag has gone up from $4.99 to $9.99. The raw fish has doubled in price. Car oil change price has increased by 100%. Roofing prices have tripled. Plyboard sheets and lumber have doubled in price. Snow removal and lawn maintenance prices have gone up by 100%. The McDonald prices have doubled. The Tims coffee has gone up. The rents have almost doubled. Beer, Whisky & cigarettes have doubled in price. College and University fees have doubled. Water and electricity rate have gone so high. Netflix doubled its monthly price from 7.99 to 12.99 Staples more than doubled its price for photocopying from 5 cents to 12 cents a page Lowes raised its 20w incandescent bulb pack from 3.99 in 2017 to 5.99 in 2018 Home Depot raised its price of wax paper for hardwood from $37 to $56 a roll in 2019 These are day to day prices salaried Canadians have to confront without a matching increase in wages of salaried employees. No doubt minimum wage increased for casual labor but existing employees had no increase at all in their wages. The government has found a convenient way to fool the Canadians by publishing ongoing inflation data. Surprisingly, both Liberals and Conservatives have kept a lid on this method. Stats Canada, an arm of the Government, has chosen a basket of goods and services to calculate inflation or Consumer Price Index (CPI). Inflation data is published by Stats Canada based on some well-defined formula. The formula is as follows: There are hundreds of items in the chosen basket of goods, giving each category proportionate weighting. Starting from Food at 17% of basket (basic bread, meat, vegetables, fruit, milk, eggs, juice, nuts, frozen food, bakery, …), shelter 27% (rent, property tax, mortgage cost, property insurance, maintenance, water fuel and electricity ), Household operations, furnishings & equipment 13% (bed, sofa, fridge, stove,, computer, phone, internet, child care, pet food, detergents, laundry machines, …), Clothing & footwear 6% (women, men and children clothing, jewelry, laundry services, dry cleaning service , … ) , Transportation 19% (TTC, air fare, bus fare, operating car purchase or leasing, gas price, parking fees, vehicle maintenance and oil changes, driver’s license and vehicle sticker, …), Health & Personal Care 5% (eye care, medicines, beauty products, dental care, hygiene products, ….), Recreation, Education & Reading 11% (Leisure skiing, sports, sporting equipment, audio/video equipment, travel services, travel tours, cable, TV, facilities fees, University, college tuition costs, books, stationery, ….), Alcoholic beverages & Tobacco products 3% (cigarettes, whisky, beer, spirits from stores, alcohol in bars, , …..). The composition of basket and actual weight of items is discretionary and keeps changing every 4 years on whims of economists calculating Consumer Price Index (CPI) or Inflation. The above basket is not whole and may not add up to 100% but just a representative basket based on 2013 consumer spending habits to explain the concept. The index is calculated in relation to index as of 1982-84 which was set at 100. Here is the kicker. The Canadian CPI does not actually tell us if things have become expensive or not. It just tells us changing habits of Canadians, hence is a tool to fool Canadians. For example, if apples price has gone up from 99 cents a pound to $2.99 a pound (300% increase) or a bag of walnut has gone up from $12 to $26 (200% increase), consumers will start switching to other less expensive items or if basic bread price has gone up from $2 a loaf to $5 a loaf (250% price increase), consumers will switch to Pita bread to afford breakfast. So the economists will modify the basket of food items accordingly, not telling Canadians that most items have really become expensive and are unaffordable. Likewise rents have doubled. Just basement rent has doubled up from $700-850 range to $1500-1700 range (100% increase). So next time you may see commune living as part of shelter cost because people can’t afford basement rent. Is it all not misleading??? If fish has gone up from $2 a pound to $6 a pound, Canadians will stop eating fish and it will get dropped from CPI basket next time. Just the household cleaning services are costing $30-40 an hour compared to $10-12 an hour 2 years ago(a 300% increase) because of minimum wage increase. So people have stopped employing cleaning ladies because they cannot afford to. The fact is everything has become way expensive yet economists say annual inflation is only 2.4%. We used to be able to need $3000 to survive. Now an average home needs at least $6,000-10,000 after tax cash to survive. A middle class household spends around $1200-$1400 a month on food for family of four compared to $400 a month few years ago. So actually the food and toiletries are taking up 40% of single household income. Why? The Canadian concept of inflation hides the truth and omits items at free will. It shows to the economists (and not to the citizens) that average Canadians cannot afford to buy bread, walnuts, apples, fish, coffee, burger, with their income because they have become expensive. Normal people are only told Canada’s inflation increased by 1-3% year over year. Politicians need to focus on prices rather than fooling Canadians that we have only 2-2.4% annual inflation in Canada. The fact is we have 60% annual inflation in Canada because more and more people can’t buy the food and things they used to buy.


Most Canadians are not aware that the capitalist system is designed to make individuals insignificant against the mighty corporations. The courts and justice system is tilted in favor of corporations. Try fighting a corporation or establishment in court and a Canadian judge will rarely give a judgment in your favor how strong or truthful your case might be. The judges are trained on aspect of policy considerations, which requires judges never to give a judgment, which could shake the capitalist system. Even if thousands of Canadians die or are trapped in mines or lose their lives due to corporate or government negligence, the judges will side with the corporations and the government. And here is another thing. Even if you win a case the judgment will be so small that you would feel wasted, and the mighty corporation will always appeal and grind you through appeal system till your remaining mortal life. A small claim judge will award $200 in costs to self represented individuals along with a pathetic judgment of $500 after a year- long process and at least 6 visits to the court. The court processes and appeals are made so complex and costly that the most truthful citizen with a strong case will give up. For this reason, corporations and governments never ever listen to consumers. If a government employee has done the biggest harm to a citizen, he or she will never be fired and the establishment will just tell you that the employee has been made to go through training. Is this a fair system? No! Lot of judges make fun of individual litigants and paralegals in front of lawyers of corporations showing a definitive bias in the legal system.


Here are grinding issues of Canadians living in the best country of the world:
1. We have the lowest protection for consumers in Canada.
2. We have time wasting processes which keep citizens engaged in unproductive issues because there is no oversight.
3. We have the WORST insurance regime in the world that keeps citizens in constant fear.
4. We are continuously trampled by corporations, banks, utility companies and various levels of government.
5. Our justice system is anti-citizens, UNJUST and is pro establishment.
6. Our small claims courts are a waste of resources and tax dollars.
7. The credit agencies like Equifax play havoc with lives of Canadians with impunity.
8. The money lenders strangle Canadians with illegal practices.
9. Our Self-Regulatory bodies like Law Society, TREB & OREA work for their members, rather than the citizens. So citizens have no real complaint process against their
members just like bank ombudsman works for the bank and not for the customer.
10. Our big box stores abuse and misuse pricing without any fear of law.
11. We have no uniform pricing and service guidelines for services-plumbing, electrical, brick work, car repairs, dealer repairs, driveway, roofing, and so on..
12. Our lax laws encourage fraud and theft which is not taken seriously by police and courts.
13. Our trespassing and fence laws are very weak and keep citizens engaged in unfruitful fights.
14. Our police does not respond to distress calls. THE POLICE NEEDS SERIOUS OVERHAUL.
15. We don’t have uniform billing and purchase receipt guidelines.
16. There is perceived corruption in government: manufacturers have been successful in introducing mandatory and highly expensive back flow water preventing valves
($350) and Strobe smoke alarms ($150) in new houses, which are a big rip off.
17. We pretend Laissez Faire or Free Economy, yet our government regulates selective areas: mortgages, housing, agriculture, and so on, leaving out the MOST important theme of ‘keeping things affordable for citizens’.
18. Our Liberal government writes off $3B Chrysler loan and $133M in owed tax by rich in one simple stroke without consulting Canadians, yet it goes after the poor for a mere $500 in owed taxes with full force of lawyers.
19. We have lowered our standard of education in Universities and colleges without any cap, by commercializing education to make money from visa students. We have over 100,000 students per year from one single country.
20. Our Canada born students are finding hard to get jobs, while the foreign students are picked up by employers for very low wages.
21. It is sheer shame that our government built Highway 407 with our tax dollars is charging us 63 cents a kilometer which is likely to cross $1 per kilometer. Their yearly transponder fees have gone up by 800% and are going up and up just like our water rate that is about to hit $5 per cubic meter(4 times the rate few years ago).
22. Our HTA offences are one way trials without a cost penalty to prosecutors. All fees and monies paid by defendants that could run in to thousands, are wasted even if the charge is not proved.
23. Our political parties focus on middle class leaving out the vulnerable and poor from their election platforms.
24. Our visa officers are given too much power to arbitrarily decide tourist visas. It should be citizens’ right to invite whoever they want, even their poorest of poor childhood friends.
25. We have zero focus on sports and playgrounds in Canada thereby neglecting our youth.
26. We have deceptive imperial and metric system for fooling Canadians.
27. We are the only country that tries to suppress human rights violation cases of citizens against the government through false and fabricated evidence, and the only country that enforces its illegit legal costs against poor citizens through its pro establishment judiciary.
28. We are a nation where the government does not feel ashamed to destroy a poor family’s existence in the name of capitalism.
29. We are the only country that does not encourage fair justice system for its citizens.
30. We have the highest real estate commissions in the world.
31. We have the highest legal fees in the unregulated legal industry.
32. We have the highest banking fees in the world in the unregulated and monopolistic banking industry.
33. We are the country that does not take care of its sick and elderly as it should.
34. We are the only country where parents with single child are most disadvantaged in terms of child tax benefits.
35. We are the only country in the world where students pay very high tuition fees.

Is today’s Canada really the best country in the World?

We need to answer this question boldly and with courage not being afraid of blind bashers. The real happiness of a country is reflected in the velocity or speed of time a day passes. The faster the speed of time the more decayed the lifestyle is. Has anyone noticed that we can only do one thing in the whole day, and that too with great difficulty? When we get up in the morning, we have a number of urgent items on our plate. We try to select 2 or 3 items to address on a particular day and while we are working on the very first item, the whole day flies off. Hours pass like minutes and the day gets over, with another 5 items added to the TO DO LIST. We Canadians are churned up so badly that we never get respite. All this is due to our so called stupid quality of life, which we boast to the world. The fact is that we don’t have any life at all, not to talk of quality of life. The reason for this is that the governments have made us captive citizens. The politicians at helm just rant slogans on healthcare, education and transit forgetting about the impact corporations have on daily lives of Canadians. We are all just working ants who are working for some stupid Queen Bee politicians at the helm. The politicians, who never really thought about the plight of fellow citizens and just marveled at singing their own praises. There are many poor countries in the world where the time just stops. The day is so long that we actually cherish and feel the long day. Having spent a month in those countries feels like spending years. Even a week gives feeling of 1-2 months. Have you been to Cuba or any other similar country, and observed the change? So if we are only running after the riches and materialism with our neck in the ever tightening noose of corporations that are playing havoc with our lives, we have to think what the hell we are doing. It is not right for us to be pretending to the world that we are the best country in the world. OUR PARTY INTENDS TO CHANGE ALL THIS AND GIVE REAL LIFE TO CANADIANS
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