1. There are roughly 1.2 million full time post secondary students in Canada including college students and part time students.
  2. The total post secondary tuition fees can be around $6-8 billion.
  3. The Federal Government provides around $4 billion a year in student loans and grants, while all the Provincial Governments provide rest of the funding.
  4. The actual out of pocket expense or Net cost of federal government is only around $2- 3 billion a year after factoring the interest income from student loans and expense to run the CSLP program. Likewise the actual net cost to provinces is also different.
  5. The Federal Government will need to spend an additional $1.5- 2.0 billion a year to make Canada tuition free.
  6. The 10 provinces will need to provide a combined annual amount of ONLY $1-1.5 billion to make Canada tuition free.


  1. There are no sufficient free outdoor sports fields for youth in Canada.
  2. There are insufficient summer jobs for students in Canada.
  3. There is no free travel for youth to explore Canada.
  4. Canadian born students are disadvantaged for decent jobs due to heavy influx of foreign students who take most of the jobs at lower wages.


  1. The natives, farmers and veterans are neglected in Canada.
  2. There is no permanent emergency fund to help the above.


  1. The traditional party platforms have failed to focus on rising prices in Canada
  2. The Liberals and Conservative governments have failed to rein in corporations leaving Canadians helpless.
  3. The traditional party platforms intentionally highlight only middle class to grab their votes, thus leaving out the poor Canadians.
  4. The Liberals under Justin Trudeau have failed in their environment policy.
  5. The Liberals have further pushed up the price of all products including food with their ill thought carbon tax.
  6. The Liberals have increased Child Tax Benefits 3 months before election to grab votes.
  7. The Conservatives and Peoples Party are deliberately playing down global warming to grab Alberta votes with false hopes of reviving oil industry.
  8. Most ethnic and immigrant MPs sit as lame ducks in parliament and are brought out during elections to woo immigrant and Muslim votes.


  1. The Federal Government distributes over $25 Billion a year in child tax benefits (CTB).
  2. The Federal Government distributes around $15 Billion a year in social welfare payments.
  3. The Federal Government distributes over $51 Billion a year in Old Age Security for seniors (This is needed)
  4. There is no family cap on CTB.
  5. The average CTB is around $1,000 per child.
  6. The latest $2300 yearly increase will give another $12,000-15,000 for an unemployed couple with 6-7 kids.
  7. A family can get as much as $10,000-12,000 tax free cash a month in free CTB in addition to welfare cheques so there is no incentive to work.
  8. To earn $10,000-12,000 take home cash, a job earner needs to make around $200,000 a year.
  9. THE CTB is rarely spent on the children but on personal lifestyle.
  10. In Canada, one is better off not to work and sit at home producing children
  11. A couple could theoretically produce 10-15 children in under 4 years using In Vitro fertilization and start living a luxury life.
  12. CTBs are creating an serious imbalance in population demographics (more in later blog)


  1. The Federal Government has spent around $ 1 Billion per year from annual budget in last 3 years on Syrian Refugees settlement in Canada. That equates to tax paid by around 350,000-400,000 taxpayers every year.
  2. Canada’s largest province spends around $78 Billion on health care, including $58 Billion Ontario budget and $20 billion Federal Health transfers. Is this a joke??
  3. The Liberals promised to bring the deficit to zero. In fact they added $45 Billion to Canada’s debt in last 4 years having a free fall of distributing money wherever they wanted.
  4. We pay $21 Billion a year in interest pmts for Canada’s debt.


  1. We will have 23-25% senior or 10 million of 40 million Canadians will be seniors in 2030.
  2. We need 3 Canadian workers to support 1 senior. In other words we would require 30 million workforce to support senior benefits in 2030.
  3. We have only 19 million workers today and our population will increase from 37.6 million by 2.3 million to 40 million in 2030.
  4. It is impossible that all our 30 million under 65 population will be employed including newborn babies.
  5. We are already heading for a financial apocalypse.


  1. Mackenzie King and Wifred Laurier, the famous Liberal Prime Ministers who governed Canada for 40 years were openly ‘pro whites’ and against non-white immigration to Canada.
  2. John Diefenbaker, the conservative Prime Minister of Canada from 1957 to 1963 was the first to legislate equality among all Canadian citizens, irrespective of one’s origin.
  3. Peirre Trudeau, the Liberal Prime Minister, introduced the Charter of Rights Bill in his third term in 1982. Imagine if he were not elected back by chance for 3rd term in 1980, he had no real will to do so.
  4. Sadly, the Conservative Party has become a far right party under Stephen Harper and subsequent party leaders.
  5. Stephen Harper himself was leader of hard core Canadian Alliance that succeeded Preston Manning’s Reform Party.
  6. Canada gets 600,000 individuals including over 300,000 foreign students every year, with 125,000-150,000 from India. So why is there problem of granting visitor visas on citizen invitation?

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