OUR IDEAS ARE OUR PARTY’S ELECTION PLATFORM FOR CANADIANS. Our party has been working on these ideas during our formative years. We are deliberately detailing our ideas after comprehensive discussions on topics and input of Canadians. We are certain that the three traditional parties will steal these ideas and try to project them as their own. But Canadians have to question them as to why they did not ever talk about or implement these ideas, when they were elected to power in the past. Here we go:

  1. Let us eliminate tuition fees for full-time post secondary education in Canada, or at least for first 2 years.
  2. Let us eliminate all student debt on students.
  3. Let us provide Free Via Rail Travel in summer months to youth aged 16-30 to explore Canada.
  4. Let us build at least 3,000-5,000 outdoor sports fields each year across Canada for youth development.
  5. Let us provide guaranteed summer jobs to all high school and post secondary students to give real life experience.
  6. We should have a separate pool of cash for indigenous peoples of Canada , Farmers and Veterans, that needs to be bumped up each year, to address critical needs of individuals requiring urgent help.
  7. We should have a separate pool of cash to address special needs of seniors after retirement, that needs to be bumped up each year.
  8. Canadians, rich or poor, should have the infallible right to invite anyone irrespective of latter’s income, for visit to Canada and our visa officers at High Commissions and Consulates should have no right to refuse invitee visitor/tourist visa . Of course we should strenghten our removal procedures at end of tourist visa.
  9. Let us check rising prices of products and services.
  10. Let us establish federal vehicle insurance to help cities like Brampton.
  11. Let us focus on rising population of seniors and provide guaranteed old age security to them.
  12. Let us focus on creating innovative jobs and sufficient revenues to support our needs in 2030 and beyond.
  13. Let us focus on oil producing provinces to help them by creating high paying jobs by investing heavily in those provinces.
  14. Let us cut waste and streamline health care costs in Canada.
  15. Let us provide free health care and help to every Canadian irrespective of the disability. We cannot leave any Legal Guardian or Canadian with a disability to suffer in isolation.
  16. Let us shift our focus from HST on high priced products and gas to tax revenues from high paying jobs. The present federal and provincial governments have vested interest in letting prices rise because the GST is tied to price of products- higher the price, higher the HST.
  17. Let us reduce our dependency on the US and align our foreign policy and trade with rest of the world.
  18. Let us scrap the Indian Act of 1872 and engage in full reconciliation and compensation of all indigenous peoples of Canada, as well as all Canadians who have been victims of government, establishment or police. This will enable us to have a fully engaged population that will believe in NEW CANADA and its progress..
  19. Let us establish fast processing Federal Consumer Courts to address consumer disputes so that Canadians do not waste their lives in costly, bureaucratic and time consuming small claims courts.
  20. Let us take initiative to take away right to appeal against Superior Court awards against corporations and governments in claims filed by individual Canadians in consumer and human rights cases.
  21. Let us establish strict, uniform procedures to address rights of customers and businesses in case of contracts. At present it is jungle rule and people suffer due to unscrupulous practices.
  22. Let us establish federal centralized trade directory and standardized price lists for different trades for routine home repairs so that Canadians can get repairs done without hidden charges.
  23. Let us reform and simplify our civil court procedures in consultation with provinces.
  24. Let us revamp Canada’s Criminal Code by making interest gouging, fraud, theft, burglary and cheating as SERIOUS criminal offences which need to be fast tracked.
  25. Let us stop gouging of consumers by Canadian banks. Banks must be held accountable for fraudulent conduct like sudden retroactive increase in interest rates on outstanding withdrawals from credit lines and credit cards.
  26. Let us stop suppression of Canadians by credit Bureaus. The credit bureaus like Equifax must address consumer concerns on false remarks within 24 hours. Let us appoint independent review body that has ability to review credit bureau decisions and fix heavy fines on credit bureaus for delaying and harassing loan applicants.
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First Nations, Métis, Inuit

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender

Person living with a disability

Visible minority


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