Canada's Fourth Front Party

A message from James McNair

Co-Leader of Canada's Fourth Front

As the new co-leader of Canada's Fourth Front party, I am here to fight for all Canadians by presenting an alternative to the big parties. Our economic plan will protect Canadians from rising costs of living, create jobs in construction, renewable energy, health care, and agriculture. Canadians have had a long hard fight, as have those around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe in investing in Canadian business and public infrastructure to ensure a society that looks out for all Canadians.

Canadians deserve to be in control of our own democracy. In 2015 when Justin Trudeau spoke about proportional representation, Canadians listened. However as with previous governments who campaigned on electoral reform, the initiative was dropped not long after the election. We believe that Canadians should speak for themselves and be empowered by a direct democracy system

Canada's Fourth Front is a collaboration of grass roots Canadians from all walks of life. We believe in building bridges and working for reconciliation with communities who have been harmed by past governments. Our candidates stand for the rights of all Canadians and will reach a stronger connection with their constituents by setting up digital direct democracy infrastructure. This digital voting system will give Canadians the power to send their votes directly and easily to their representatives.

Let's build a better Canada

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