Platform 2021

Building a Democracy for Everyone

Canada's Fourth Front believes that a direct democracy system will empower Canadians. In a direct democracy, every Canadian would have the ability to cast votes on legislation. Your parliamentary representative would be beholden to the voting interests of your riding and not that of their party leadership

Our candidates pledge to implement this system in their respective ridings, to lead by example by facilitating constituents participation using modern accessible digital tools

Why Direct Democracy?

  • Representatives will use an online digital format to engage constituents
  • You will be able to cast your vote on the issues that matter to you
  • Decision making will be more transparent
  • Constituents will be able to effectively raise questions and influence how bills are written
  • As a transparent and open system, we can take effective action on voter manipulation and government scandals
  • We believe in putting Canadians in the drivers seat of our democracy

Modern examples of Direct Democracy

National Housing Initiative

Our party seeks to build housing across the country. Every Canadian deserves a right to shelter and as housing costs become less and less attainable; action must be taken

What our housing initiative will accomplish

  • Support Canada's economic recovery
  • Create Jobs
  • Improve the lives of thousands of Canadians
  • Prioritize housing and infrastructure on reserves
  • Establish a more secure and productive society

The Energy Sector and the Environment

The Fourth Front seeks a balance between environmental stewardship and providing energy that Canadian's depend on. Through investing in carbon capture and environmentally friendly sources of power, our candidates will fight for a progressive and prosperous future for Canada's energy sector.

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