Why Should you vote for CFF- the Direct Democracy Party?

Our party is totally different from the established and stereotyped parties giving full freedom to our MPs and members to speak out their minds just like regular taxpayers because we believe in a Direct Democracy. We have no fixed ideology and will not muzzle our members because our goal is to let citizens decide what issues matter most through a democratic online Direct Democracy voting system, forcing the parliament to debate on issues that matter to Canadians. The role of parliament would be to discuss issues that matter to Canadians and run day-to-day operations of the nation, rather than bulldozing Canadians by party ideology-driven decisions. As running a Direct Democracy system would require all parties to subscribe to the system, and an amendment in our constitution, we are banking on the moral pressure that our new, Direct Democracy system would have on the existing politicians and bureaucrats for now till all agree to enact a law. So we ask you all voters to elect AT LEAST one or Two MPs of our party who will be you, vocal speakers, inside and outside the parliament for Canadians above the party dictates of traditional parties. Have you ever seen an MP speaking out for people in parliament?

Even one bold MP of our party in parliament will be a big slap on the faces of existing parties that have actually destroyed the very fabric of Canada. Show it to the Liberals that people have real power.

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